Thursday, 19 April 2018


Many of you would be aware thatI have "adopted" a young man from The Republic of Benin in West Africa. Between myself and other wonderful benefactors, Jean-Baptiste Debegni has been able to send his two young brothers to school and to take up a scholarship to further his art studies. He has a lot of natural talent and his drawings are unique.
Jean values education as a means to get ahead in life and help his fellow villagers (hence the desire to educate his brothers). He wants to further his education, and to that extent, he has sent me a number of his drawiings to sell, so he can earn enough money for further training.

I have numbered each drawing. He is selling them - all originals - for the ridiculously low price of $50 each, or 3 for $130. If you would like to purchase any of his drawings, please e-mail me:   with the number of he drawing you would like and for details of a bank account to pay your money into. This price includes postage. I apologise for the shadows on some of the pictures or any other "defects". I can assure you that they are all due to my lousy photography. The drawings themselves are all in pristine condition.



 I hope to receive more drawings to sell in the future.

Helen Evans
Devon Meadows, Vic (about half way between Melbourne and Phillip Island)

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